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Why I created The Golden Circle?

1. I created the Golden Circle because I wanted help more people like you! I know how confusing it can be with all the myths and BS info out there.


That's why I am sharing simple and science based info with my audience. We don't need to make it so complicated. We just need the right knowledge, sustainability and a great amount of patience.

2. During my time as a personal trainer I experienced that there's only a limited amount of people I can help each month. My time is very limited and I could only take on 30-50 clients at a time.


I wanted to share my knowlegde with a larger audience, in order to help more people lose fat in a simple and sustainable way. With a program like the Golden Circle there is no limit!


3. I also wanted to make something that ANYONE can afford. It doesn't matter if you're a student or if you're working full time.


The Golden Circle is 10 times cheaper than my online coaching, giving you an ulimate opportunity to finally reach your goals and lose fat like never before.